[Review] essence Beach Cruisers LE

Gestern hatte ich Glück, denn der Post­bote klin­gelte und brachte mir über­raschend ein Päckchen von essence! Enthal­ten waren Pro­dukte der neuen Lim­ited Edi­tion “Beach Cruis­ers”, die ich für euch natür­lich sofort näher unter die Lupe genom­men habe.

Essence-Beach-Cruisers LE

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[Review] Alverde Vintage Rose LE

When I saw the press release from Alverde about the upcom­ing Lim­ited Edi­tion “Vin­tage Rose” I was very excited. I bought two pieces of it the other day, which I want to show you now.

Alverde Vintage Rose

Hand But­ter, 2,95€

This hand but­ter for very dry skin smells so good! It con­tains rose oil and shea but­ter. My hands are very soft after using it and it helps to avoid dry patches on my skin. This is my favourite prod­uct of the whole lim­ited edi­tion, maybe I will go and pick up another one.

Alverde Vintage Rose Handcreme

Eye­shadow “Vin­tage Taupe”, 2,25€

This is the colour I like the most, when it comes to eye­shad­ows. As you prob­a­bly know I’m not a big eye­shadow lover, but every now and then I buy one. The colour is a grey­ish brown with a light shim­mer. The eye­shadow can be applied smoothly, but the pig­men­ta­tion is not the best and I need much of the  prod­uct to make it vis­i­ble on my eyes. I would not buy it again, as I’m a lit­tle bit dis­ap­pointed about the pigmentation.

Alverde Vintage Rose Lidschatten

Alverde Vintage Rose Swatch Lidschatten

Have you bought any­thing from the Vin­tage Rose LE?


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[Monthly Favourites] October

Octo­ber is almost over that means it’s time to write some­thing about my monthly favourites. To mix it up a lit­tle bit, I will show you my beauty favourites and also my gen­eral life favourites.


Beauty Favourites

1. MAC Blush “Fleur Power”, 23,50€

This is a colour that goes with every­thing. Although it’s pink, it’s not THAT bright, so you can use it in Octo­ber as well as in May. I like it espe­cially for its stay­ing power, it stays on the whole day.

2. May­belline Jade The Rocket Volum’ Express Mas­cara, 9,99€

I love this mas­cara! I have quite short lashes and it gives them a great vol­ume and length. I have had a lot more expen­sive mas­caras in the past and they don’t do their job as good as the Rocket mascara.

3. EOS Lip­balm “Mint”, 4$

I can’t imag­ine liv­ing with­out this lit­tle green thing. It is such a great Lip­balm with great mois­ture. I bought in in New York and I’m sad that I got only this one. I use it once every day when I go to bed and that’s enough because my lips stay super soft.

4. Catrice Eye­shadow “Oh It’s Tof­fee­ful!”, 2,79€

Nor­mally, I’m not a eye­shadow per­son. I don’t wear it often, but this month I bought this golden one from Catrice and have used it a lot. I like that the shim­mer is very sub­tle and ele­gant with no glit­ter in it.

5. Essence Long Last­ing Lip­stick “Nat­ural Beauty”, 2,29€

I bought this lip­stick a few weeks ago as you can see in my lat­est Haul. It’s a great my-lips-but-better colour for every­day and I wore it al lot in octo­ber. The stay­ing power isn’t the best, but it’s ok.


Life Favoriten

1. TV Series “Castle”

When I saw the first two episodes of Cas­tle I hated it, but then I got used to it and now I’m obsessed. I watched the first three sea­sons in Octo­ber and now I’m already watch­ing the fourth. Spe­cial thanks to my lovely friend Lisa, who infected me <3

2. Yan­kee Candles

For me it’s hard to find good can­dles,  unfor­tu­nately I get headaches from most of them. But with the Yan­kee ones I’m fine. I can’t really decide which flavour is my favourite, but this month I have been  lik­ing San­dal­wood Vanilla and White Christ­mas a lot.

3. Teekanne Hüttentraum

I’m a huge tea lover. I drink a lot more tea than cof­fee. When I’m sit­ting in front of my lap­top I always have a cup of tea beside me. This flavour  is very win­tery and tastes like oranges and grapes. I have used up almost two pack­ages this month!

What are your favourites this month? Leave a link in the comments!

Yours, Alice

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