[Review] Maybelline Color Drama Lippenstift “Berry Much”

Maybelline Colordrama Lippenstift

May­belline Color Drama Intense Vel­vet Lip Pen­cil  (mehr …)

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[Review] Maybelline Be Brilliant Nagellack LE

Maybelline Be Brilliant Nagellacke

May­belline Be Bril­liant | Lim­ited Edi­tion Novem­ber — Dezem­ber 2014 | 7 ml | 1,95€  (mehr …)

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[Review] L’Oreal Nude Magique Eau de Teint

Usu­ally, I don’t exper­i­ment with my make-up, because I’m afraid that my skin might not tol­er­ate it. How­ever, over the past few weeks I have seen the new “Nude Mag­ique Eau de Teint” Make-up from L’Oreal almost every­where, so I decided to give it a try. Recently, there was a 30 per­cent off all Make-ups at Rossmann’s, so I took the chance and bought it.
I went for the bright­est shade “120 Pure Ivory” and paid about 8 € (nor­mally the price is about 12 €). The make-up comes in a 20 ml glass bot­tle , which is not much for the price and espe­cially a drug­store prod­uct.
The bot­tle has a screw cap and you have to take out the make-up care­fully, because of the huge bot­tle open­ing. That was not a prob­lem for me though, I just used my fin­gers. The prod­uct smells neu­tral and the colour dark­ens a lit­tle bit once you have applied it. The make-up is pretty liq­uid and because of that it is really easy to apply to your skin. The fin­ish is “nude” just like the prod­uct name promises. It cov­ers only lit­tle skin blem­ishes and light red­ness, which is enough for me, but I imag­ine it would annoy peo­ple with more prob­lem­atic skin. The feel­ing on your skin is strange: it feels very light and very weird at the same time, it’s hard to describe. I think it is because of the product’s unique texture.

Con­clu­sion: I have worn this make-up for the last two weeks and have not had any prob­lems with it. I am going to empty this bot­tle, but I am not going to buy this prod­uct again, because I think there are much bet­ter prod­ucts on the market.




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